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School Education - Physical Literacy Programme Schedule And Instructions!

Ref : Chief Organizational Officer ( COO ) , PHYSICAL LITERACY PROGRAMME , TAMILNADU E - Mail dated : 27.7.2020

 In the reference letter cited , it is informed that The main aim of the Physical lit eracy programme is an approach to make EACH CHILD active for life . Physical Litera cy and Education makes sure the children in schools get access to quality Physical Education Moreover they informed that ELMS Sports foundation is a not for profit initiative , committed to accelerate the development of sports in India .

 ELMS Sports is focused on designing and delivering learning programs for physical education teachers / profes sionals , coaches , high performance sports administrators and other allied professionals that are within the Sports , Physical Education , Fitness & Leisure sphere . They are also engaged with several states to design and implement the sports policy , create high performance sports processes and also promoting sports participa tion and excellence through public - private partnerships . Reaching approximately 1.2 Million children in Government Schools So far this programme , was Covered by 9 states in India. Their vision is to

► To Develop motivation , confidence , Physical Competence , Knowledge and un derstanding . >> To value and take responsibility for engagement in Physical activities for life .

► Contributes sports eco system > Gives Lifelong participation : Active Toddler ( 0-5 ) years , Playful Child ( 6-10 ) years , Interested Adolescent ( 10 - 13 ) years , and Developing Teen ( 13 - 17 ) years . This Orientation programme will enhance the theoretical and practical applica tion for Physical Education teachers and Physical Directors . This programme will be conducted for six sessions ( six days ) with one and half hour daily . The total number of participation per session will be around 500 members . The list of dates and the Dis tricts participants enclosed for reference .

All Chief Educational Officers are requested to inform all the Headmasters to in struct the Physical Education teachers and Physical Directors to participate in the online Physical Literacy Programme Programme Organizers

1. Mr. Pankaj Markandey ( 9818788622 )

2. Dr. R. Subramanian ( 9444946213 )

School Education - Physical Literacy Programme Schedule And Instructions Download here...

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